My Account

We will review setting up your account in metaclinic. To reach your account settings from the metaclinic Dashboard select the Gear Icon>My Account.

This will bring you to your Account page. On this page, you can update personal settings, such as:

  • Security 
    • Change Password
    • Enable 2FA Authentication - Google Authenticator
  • Personal Info
  • Organizations
  • My Apps

Select Organizations to enter your organization page. From this page you can add a Company Logo or manage your organization with the following options:

  • Edit Organization 
    • Business Name
    • Legal Name
    • Tax ID
    • Contact Name
    • Contact Title
    • Contact email, phone, fax
    • Physical Address
    • Billing Address
    • Shipping Address
  • Manage Locations - covered here
    • Add new locations
    • Edit current locations 
    • Add location logo or NPI file 
  • Manage Users - covered here
    • Add new users
    • Assign user roles
    • Delete users
    • Assign user to locations 

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