Service Items

Go to Gear Icon>Service Items

The Service Items page shows all the current service items in a searchable list. The information shown is Procedure Code, Name, Description, Modifier, Manager

  • To view an individual Service Item, select the Eye Icon
  • To edit an individual Service Item, select the Pen Icon 
  • To add a new Service Item, select the New Service Item +

Add New Service Item

  • Select the New Service Item +
  • Fill out the information below
    • Procedure Code - the CPT or charge code that defines the procedure (Ex. 99453) 
    • Modifier
    • Name - name for the service item or procedure, if different than the CPT code description 
    • Description - any additional information about the service item (Ex. time requirements, only for use with xxxx.) 
    • Manager - location that performs the service item 
  • Click Save

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