My Locations

My Locations allows you to update a lot of important information about your organizations, such as:

  • Location Details 
  • Network
  • On-Site Physicians
  • Enable Notifications 
  • Fee Schedule 
  • Offerings
  • Reporting

Each of these options are covered in greater detail, this page will focus on navigating the My Locations section of metaclinic. From the top-right menu, select Gear Icon>My Location. Use the sidebar to navigate between the below options. 

Location Details

This section allows you to update location information, such as:

  • Location Type
  • Location Name
  • NPI Number
  • Physical Address
  • Contact Methods 
  • Organization Logo


This section shows all the locations in your network. Use this section to:

  • Update Locations
  • Add Locations 
  • Remove Locations 
  • See Invited Locations 


This section allows you to:

  • Add New Physicians
  • Remove Physicians 
  • Add NPI Numbers
  • Search Physicians


This section allows you to assign Notifications to team members so that you never miss any important updates. 

These Notifications include:

  • Claim Updates
  • Encounter Updates
  • Case Updates
  • Requests

Fee Schedule

This section allows you the following to your Fee Schedule:

  • Procedures
  • Services
  • Drugs
  • Biologics
  • Supplies
  • Devices


This section includes all your current offerings and allows you to add/edit offerings. 

Overview & Referral Report

The Overview report shows a snapshot of:

  • Total Cases
  • Total Encounters
  • Total Claims
  • Accounts Receivable 
  • Accounts Payable
  • Cases & Encounter by Type 

The Referral report shows a snapshot of:

  • Referrals Over Time
  • Top Referral Sources
  • New Claims
  • New Cases
  • New Encounters

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