Add Users

To Add New Users to a location, go to Gear Icon>My Account>Organizations>Manage Users

This Users page shows all the current users assigned to this location and their corresponding 

  • Name 
  • Email  
  • Roles 

To add a new user, select + Invite New User 

This pulls up the Invite User menu, including the following information:

  • Email - email address is required for a new user to sign up 
  • Roles
    • Clinic Physician
    • Clinic Requisitioner
    • Clinic Scheduler
    • Deactivated
    • Organization Admin 
    • Organization Bot 
  • Custom Message - any message to send to new user explaining the service, how to use it, etc. 

Once the New User has been created, select the Pen Icon

This pulls up the Edit User menu, where you can:

  • Change User Roles
  • Assign a Physician Address
  • Deactivate User

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