Create a Request

Requests can be made from a variety of different locations around the app. Of all the easy ways to make Requests in metaclinic, we recommend using the request features from the case page. This allows you to attach offerings essentially automating the management component of each relationship involved in the case as it relates to billing and data access. 

There are 3 types of Requests

  • Medical Data
  • LOP 
  • Consultation 

Medical Data Request

Medical Data requests can be made to any existing or new organization. Medical data can also be stored directly in the case page if you already have medical records on file. 

  • This feature is useful for tracking requests for medical data from one application. 
  • Many hospitals and other organizations have specific protocols for sharing medical data. 
  • We can create a template for each location that has the data, baa, and other required documents that are needed for the information to be released. This will help your team stay on top of the fluid landscape.

Letter of Protection - LOP Request

  • Clinics can utilize a variety of existing workflows to request confirmations from law firms. 
  • Confirming their representation of a client and the recognition of their bills under lien is an important aspect of the patients access to care. 
  • This confirmation may also be a requirement of the management company or physician

Consultation Request

  • Each time a patient is seen for a work related injury or illness in an occupational medicine clinic, the visit must be documented and a case created. 
  • Metaclinic gives occupational medicine professionals flexibility to document the patient visits and request consultations to other providers who's services they bill for, creating a holistic view of the patient’s occupational medicine record.
  • Law Firms are then able to quantify all the damages related to medical expenses quickly. The Metaclinic Cases page gives them the insights needed to assist through the new changes required by SENATE BILL NO. 418.

Creating a Consultation Request from the Cases Page can be found here

Creating a Request

Below, we will review creating a Consultation Request from the Requests Page. 

In metaclinic, select requests>+ New Requests to open a new request. 

This opens the Requests Wizard

  1. Select a Request Type
    1. Medical Data
    2. Consultation 
    3. LOP
  2. Select a Receiving Location - If location is not listed, scroll to the bottom to add a new location. Click here to learn more about adding new locations 

  3. Select a Patient - new patients can be added by filling out the sidebar form and selecting "new patient" 

  4. Select a Case - use Create New Case if the case is not listed 

  5. Request Details 
    1. Template
    2. Receiving Physician
    3. Reason 
    4. LOP Details
    5. Available Offerings

Click Submit Request to send the request. 

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