Consultation Request

Each time a patient is seen for a work related injury or illness in an occupational medicine clinic, the visit must be documented and a case created. gives occupational medicine professionals flexibility to document the patient visits and request consultations to other providers who's services they bill for, creating a holistic view of the patient’s occupational medicine record.

Law Firms are then able to quantify all the damages related to medical expenses quickly. The Metaclinic Cases page gives them the insights needed to assist through the new changes required by SENATE BILL NO. 418.

Send a Consultation Request

  1. Select Cases from the top menu 
  2. Select the Case Page you wish to update (Ex. Case # 100291)
  3. Select New Consultation Request, this will bring up a menu where you can select
    1. Receiving Location
    2. Receiving Physician
    3. Template
    4. Reason 
    5. Available Services
  4. Use Receiving Location to search for the location you wish to send a Consultation Request 
  5. Select the Check Mark next to the Available Service from the list to add it to the request 
  6. Select the Receiving Physician 
  7. Select the Template or Reason, if applicable
  8. Click Save

Consultation Request

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