Requests Overview

Requests can be sent and received in metaclinic, similar to an email inbox. To see all your request select the Requests menu option at the top of the page. 

The Requests sidebar gives you the option to filter by;

  • Inbox - received requests
  • Sent - sent requests
  • Sending Location
  • Requested Date
  • Updated Date
  • Request Type
    • Medical Data
    • Consultation 
    • LOP
    • Medication
  • Status
    • Case Request 
    • Open
    • Pending Acceptance
    • Pending Response
    • Responded
    • Closed
    • Resolved
    • Cancelled
    • Deleted
    • Rejected

The top options allow you to Export all requests and to start a new request by using the + New Request button. 

Selecting a Request from the list will open the Individual Request Page. Below is an example of an Individual Request Page.

This is a Sent Consultation Request. 

The Individual Request Page shows:

  • Status - awaiting response
  • Request Details - sending location, receiving location, request date, etc. 
  • Notes/Files
  • Case #
  • Patient/Client
  • Attached Coverage

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