TBI Tech Guide

Use this guide to capture traumatic brain injury readings in metaclinic. This is mainly for customers who are also using Neuroglympse. 

Perform EyeBox Study

  • Transfer the report via USB to computer

Open metaclinic Account 

  • This could be a custom app that your organization licenses from Metaclinic. 
  • Please be sure to utilize your Companies domain to access your account.
  • Click + New Case under Case Activity

Search/Create Patient

Create Case

  • Case Type
  • Law Firm
    • This will also Allow You to Search for Law Firms to automatically share data to the law firm as the care progresses.
  • Referral Source
    • This allows you to track the data in your dashboard for deep analytics

Enter Details to Create an Encounter

Select Encounters on Case Page

Click In the Encounter to Open Encounter

Click Add Notes & Files To Upload Eyebox Report

Click Add Notes & Files To Upload Rivermeade Questionnaire

Click the Diagnosis + Button

Rivermead Symptoms - Diagnosis Correlation 


Results are typically available in 24-72 hours. Check your notification settings to ensure you are set to receive notifications for encounter status changes.

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