Encounters Overview

This page will provide a high-level overview of the Encounters and Encounter Details pages. Encounters are used to store all data related to a patient visit. 

Encounters Page

  • Navigate to the Encounters page by selecting the Encounters Icon on the top menu. 

  • Use the Search & Filter menu on the left to find cases by patient, date range, status, etc. 
  • The Export Button allows you to download a CSV file of all the current information shown. 
  • The New Encounter Button allows you to log a new encounter
  • To access and Encounter Details page, select the Encounter from the list of Encounter 

Encounters Details Page

Encounter Details

Encounter Details allows you to update any information about the encounter, such as:

  • Visit Type
  • Date & Time of Service
  • Location of Service
  • Supervising Physician 

Case Details

Case Details allows you to see the corresponding case for this encounter. You can select the top right icon to go to Case Details 

Patient/Client & Coverage

Patient/Client shows you relevant patient information for this encounter. 

  • Upload Icon - go to the patient/client page 
  • Eye Icon - view more information on the patient/client 
  • Edit Icon - add or change any patient/client information 

Coverage shows you relevant information on the patient/client coverage. - covered here

Service Items & Diagnosis 

Service Items allows you to add, remove and track service items and see the corresponding Procedure Code. 
Diagnosis allows you to track individual diagnosis for patients. - covered here

Claims, Requests, Notes/Files & History

This section allows you to:

  • track or quickly add claims
  • track all requests 
  • add encounter notes and attach any relevant files 
  • track any changes to the encounter with history 

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