Case Notes

To add Case Notes, please go to Cases>Select Case Page

Once you have entered the Individual Case Page, you can select either:

  • New Note from the menu section 
  • Add New Notes/Files under the Notes & Files section 

Either selection will bring up the Case Note section, which includes the following:

  • Category or Case Note Types
    • Lien Document
    • Physician CV
    • Study Type
    • Clinical History
    • 1st Party Insurance (PLAINTIFF) 
    • 3rd Party Insurance (PLAINTIFF) 
    • Defendant Identification 
    • 1st Party Insurance (DEFENDANT) 
    • 3rd Party Insurance (DEFENDANT)
    • Police Report 
    • Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
    • Medical Bills & Reports 
    • Injury Photo 
    • Accident Photo 
    • Case Document 
    • Initial Accident Evaluation 
    • Letter of Assignment 
    • Provider Contract 
    • Full Case File 
    • Patient Contact 
    • General 
    • Invoice
  • Notes
  • Reminder Date
  • Document Upload

Select Save to complete the Case Note 

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